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Chevy-sas-001-BOLT.ON Instructions

Part #








Front cross-member



Passenger side rear shackle bracket



Drivers side rear shackle bracket



HD shackles



Hardware Pack


Hardware Pack



½” x 1.25” hex bolts


½” locknuts


½” washers


9/16” x 5” hex bolts


9/16” locknuts


9/16” washers


Grade 8 nut torque specifications



5/16” nuts

20 ft. lbs.


9 ft. lbs.

3/8” nuts

35 ft. lbs.


23 ft. lbs.

7/16” nuts

60 ft. lbs.


45 ft. lbs.

½” nuts

90 ft. lbs.


75 ft. lbs.

9/16” nuts

160 ft. lbs.


120 ft. lbs.

5/8” nuts

175 ft. lbs.


165 ft. lbs.




  1. Block the rear wheels, raise the front end of the vehicle and support the frame with jack stands behind the front wheels.
  1. Remove all front suspension components including, brake calipers, rubber brake lines, steering assembly, sway bar (retain sway bar brackets), shocks and front drive shaft. Remove upper and lower A-arms and front differential (refer to the service manual for a more complete description of suspension component removal). Remove front tow hooks (retain tow hook backing plate and bolts). Leave steering box attached.
  1. Locate the passenger side rear lower control-arm mounting bracket. Using a die grinder or plasma cutter, cut off lower portion of factory bracket flush with bottom of frame and grind frame smooth. Depending on your plan for shocks, DO NOT remove factory shock mount bracket as these can be used to mount front shock hoops.

 4.  Locate the front spring hanger bracket (SAS001-1). Slide it under the front frame rails aligning the bracket with the factory holes under the frame rails. Attach front spring hanger using factory tow hook backing plates and bolts. Use Loctite and torque to specification. For 52” springs mount the spring hanger the opposite way (so the spring mounting point is farther forward). On some 2500 and 3500 models the tow hooks holes will not align with the front crossmember; if this is the case, bolt on the front cross-member using the side ear tabs, and then mark and drill new ½” holes.

  1. Locate the Passenger side rear shackle bracket (SAS001-2) and hold it up inside the frame rail flush with the top of frame. Measure from center of front spring hanger bolt back to the rear shackle pivot bolt hole 46-1/2” and clamp in place.
  1. Repeat step 5 for the drivers side rear shackle bracket (SAS001-3). The long slot on the bracket should align with the manual transmission shift linkage.
  2. Once the passenger’s and driver’s side rear shackle brackets are properly located on the frame, Drill the ½” mounting holes. Install ½” x 1.25” hex bolts and washers. Torque to specification.
  1. Install rear spring shackles (SAS001-6) into the rear shackle brackets using 9/16” x 4½” bolt and locknut. Install new front leaf springs (NOT SUPPLIED IN KIT) into front spring hanger and rear shackles using 9/16” x 4½” bolts, nuts without washers. Recommended springs: 73-87 Chevy Front springs with 88-91 bushing and sleeve kit.
  1. Strip the front axle housing of all factory shock and sway bar mounts. On Ford Dana axles, you will need to grind a notch in the casting for the drivers side inner U-bolt to sit in. Half the depth of the U-bolt will be adequate.
  1. Install front axle assembly to leaf springs (NOT SUPPLIED IN KIT) using the new U-bolts plates Shock mounts on the spring plates should face down.